Frequently Asked Questions

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  • Why Build a New Home?


    There’s nothing like new! And nothing like being the first owner! With so many reasons to build or buy a brand-new home, here are just a few-

    It’s yours! Get what you want!- It's your choice! Pick or create a design that suits your needs with the layout specifications and inclusions you desire, when building you have the exciting opportunity to bring all of your ideas to life.  

    Peace of Mind - Our limited number of exclusive builders meet strict criteria for membership and must be either Masterbuild or Certified builder Members. They will work closely with you making sure you’re well informed on your builds progress, and must provide you with -

    • Prescribed disclosure information including company and  insurance details
    • A Clear written Contract detailing price and specification and construction time
    • 10-year Structural Guarantee
    • 2 year non-Structural Guarantee 
    • 12-month maintenance period warranty.

    More Economical – New homes cost less to run! they are easier to keep warm with intelligent heating options double glazing latest regulation insulation, options of low energy use LED lighting, all combing creating a more cost efficient home saving you money on your weekly living expenses.

    Easier to Buy - With Loan to Value ratio (LVR) regulation requiring much higher deposits on existing builds, take advantage of a lower deposit for your new build and if you qualify utilise your Kiwisaver and take advantage of the First Home Start Grant.

    Capital Gains - When you build new there is the opportunity to realise instant capital growth on the completion of your build, providing you significant additional equity in your new home.

    A Safer Home - Constructed to the most current building code, with high tech wiring, the latest compliant foundations, insulation and rigorously assessed modern specification throughout.

    A Healthy Home - The history is not always known with an older lived in property. With a new fully insulated home, better building materials and healthier options for heating and ventilation the environment for you and your family is not only much more comfortable but far better for your health.

    A Low Maintenance Home - No expensive renovation of kitchens and bathrooms, paint or flooring for years to come, more time for you to relax and enjoy your new home! And more money saved along the way! Making your new home a much better investment.

    A Better Return On Investment – if you’re an investor many of the above points add up to a far more appealing property for a tenant, tenants want warm cost efficient healthy homes they can be proud of and new homes can justifiably command higher rents and better occupants.

  • Why use BuildMeUp?


    No ties! We are an independent, we don't own a design company or building company so that means we are completely unbiased, we are not trying to sell you our products or services.

    We are free to use and here to help, we listen and answer your questions and work with you so you can get not only the home you want, but the most home for your money.

    We are Transparent, we source the information for you and You choose who you use there's no sales pressure here. 

    BuildMeup has created a low cost refined target marketing system that helps builders meet their desired client in the most cost effective way. Builders save money with BuildMeup by not wasting thousands on non quantifiable or non productive marketing, which can mean far less marketing and sales overhead added to your build.

    Why use BuildMeUp?

    • No Ties - we’re completely independent and unbiased, connecting you to the best professionals. You decide who to work with.
    • Maximum Value - Multiple builders compete for your business, giving you the most home for your money.
    • More Transparency - We provide the "apples for apples" information, you can compare on price, build specifications and company details, so you can make informed decisions.
    • More Certainty - Direct access to company owners, previous or current clients and homes either under construction, show homes or client builds.
    • More Choice - we bring more players into the market, including smaller, more competitive companies.
    • More Freedom - choose or create the design you want, not what someone wants to sell, before meeting the right builders.
    • More Confidence- All builders meet our strict criteria, they must have a minimum trading period, homes to view, access to customers and company owners as well as be Masterbuild or Certified Build members offering 10 year guarantees.
  • What are the Costs?


    It is free to use BuildMeUp and have us tender a plan that you own or one of our advertised concepts to the members of the BuildMeUp network.

    If you want to create your own original concept there is a cost involved, but once completed it's yours and will be free to tender.

    Design costs will vary based on who creates your plan, whether Architectural designer or Registered Architect it depends on your needs and budget, we just help make the connection. Consultation prior to meeting your designer, who you can  engage directly, is available.

    There is huge value in creating your own Concept and the initial cost could save you significant sums of money, potentially tens of thousands on a completed home when tendered on an open platform, making it the most cost effective way to get the home you want.

    A Builders plan from our network will only be priced by the originating builder, they own the plan but we can provide you the information free of charge!

    Contact us to find out more.

  • Do we need to meet with you?


    This is another way BuildMeUp has changed the game, it's completely up to you!

    With no ties and free of charge we can meet with you to discuss your new home or house & land, answer all your questions, talk through your needs on the new home design or help find the right designer to create a unique concept thats yours. 

    We can even help locate the right parcel of land for you to build on or introduce you the a lender to help secure finance.

    Or if you desire we can discuss your needs online or over the phone while you complete your due dilligence at arms length in the comfort of your own home. 

    BuildMeUp can source as much information as you need, only meeting with the builder or designer when you are ready to do so.

  • How do you Compare New Home Builders?


    Comparisons are a must for certainty on the best price specification and builder for your new home. How do you really know you have the most home, best inclusions and most suitable builder for your requirements without comparing?

    Building a New Home is likely to be your biggest new purchase, the importance of getting what you want and being happy with the price process and outcome relies heavily on your choice of builder.  

    There is no one fit company for all situations and builders tend to have differing expertise, specialties, styles and pricing. What works well for one person may not always fit another.

    First, figure out which niche or category of build you are after, we have selected builders refined for each these categories, ensuring they have the relevant experience and expertise, matching you to the closest fit for your needs in the comparison.

    Please note that whether choosing an advertised plan, or providing your own, the builders will price and provide an estimate on the plan as shown based on standard parameters. We send you the quote, specification and details to compare. Any additions, personalisations or application of the company’s own signature style can be carried out in consultation with your chosen builder.

    When comparing builders don't just consider price and specifications.You should also review all of the below:

    Homes to view

    Do they have homes to view? This can be a Show Home or portfolio of drive by properties to give you an idea of their work and style. The homes can be completed, ask if a walk through is available? Or under construction so you can see the work in progress. Remember show homes can likely be an upscale representation of the company’s product.

    Testimonials or customer references

    Having the opportunity to speak to past or current clients is invaluable, asking questions and receiving first-hand testimonials on your builder's work and performance is crucial.

    Typical questions you might ask are:

    • How was the build process?
    • Were you satisfied with the quality of workmanship? 
    • Were there any difficulties or hurdles and if so, how did they overcome these?
    • Did the builder provide timely and effective communication? 
    • What was the project timeline and was it kept to? 

    Your builder should be able to supply a list of clients for you to speak to upon request.

    Estimate pricing

    Firstly, make sure to consider both what is included, and most importantly confirm what is NOT included in the Tender Estimate, these should be clearly highlighted. Also, note the contract should be fixed priced but may include provisional sums or allowances - compare all 3 in each category. What’s included with one builder may not be with another.

    Are the sums low or high? Provisional sums should reflect an accurate estimate of what the spend will be, allowances should be generous enough to enable you to select what’s needed in that category to complete your home.  Variables including ground conditions or location and final inclusions can increase or affect these sums. 

    If you would like your Tenders professionally checked by an independent qualified Quantity Surveyor for further peace of mind, let us know.  

    Point of contact

    Who will be your point of contact? Who will answer all your questions? Who will be running the build? And if needed can the owner be contacted directly?

    Clear contract

    Everything must be in writing and agreed upon. Are you agreeing upon a fixed priced contract? What payments are due and when? Are checklists and disclosure statements provided? Make sure you fully understand what you are signing, and always seek legal advice.

    Clear process

    The build process should also be discussed so you know what to expect, with a timeline for the build given and an agreed move-in date, with updates regularly given.


    Is the builder a Masterbuild or Certified Builder member? A guarantee is essential!  Providing cover during pre-construction for loss of deposit, during construction for non-completion, and in post-construction for workmanship and materials. Also, make sure you are aware of the home's maintenance period and how this is and any after care is covered.


    How long have they been in business? How many homes have been completed and how many do they complete annually? Company history is important as well as their preferred building specialty.  


    Have all your initial questions been answered by the builder? Are you happy with the answers they have provided? This is an indication of how you will work together, so it's important that they are responsive and good communicators.

  • Guarantees and who completes the contract?


    When you are ready to proceed to contract you will only ever enter into a building agreement directly with your chosen network member not BuildMeUp. Contracts will be between you and the building company you have selected for your build, BuildMeUp just provides the introduction through the online platform.

    If Land has been sourced through BuildMeUp, again you will only sign agreements with the land developer or selling agent.

    Guarantees -All of our building members must provide an industry recognized Guarantee and the companies are either Masterbuild or Certified builder Members, unless otherwise stated.

    Members must also comply with the Building Act and its amendments of 2013, stating they must also provide prescribed disclosure information before entering into a contract, outing company information with regards to contact person, Insurance policies and guarantees or warranties.

    They will work closely with you making sure you’re well informed on your builds progress, and must provide you with -

    • A Clear written Contract detailing price and specification and construction time
    • 10-year Structural Guarantee
    • 2 year non-Structural Guarantee 
    • 12-month maintenance period warranty.
  • What are Square Metre Rates?


    One of the most common questions builders are asked is

    “What’s your cost per square metre?”

    There is no simple answer here as there are so many variables and it’s easy to be misled. For example when building a small home, the cost per m2 is high as the expensive things such as kitchen and bathrooms, service connections and council fees etc.,is spread out of a smaller area and with a big home the m2 rate comes down as the area grows.

    When normally comparing companies, you consider a similar sized home created by each one, it is hard to compare differing designs and specifications, differing perimeter lengths, rooflines, claddings, inclusions to name a few. So, it becomes hard to get a true m2 comparison.

    When comparing, it is very important to not only understand what is included in your contract but most importantly whats NOT!! There are many instances where one builder will include everything for the construction and other items such as driveways, hardscape and fencing, and the next may leave items out which makes the overall cost look lower bringing the m2 rate down. The same goes for allowances or provisional sums (if included in the contract) one m2 rate may look lower but allowances could be far less in many key areas.

    This is where BuildMeUp can help, if you already have your own concept or have selected an independant designers we can give you as close to “apples to apples” as you can get on the exact same design by tendering the plan for you! How do you know you are getting the best deal without comparing?

    BuildMeUp believes choosing an independent plan or having your own Design and Build concept created independently can be the best place to start, eliminating any misleading m2 claims and proving you the freedom to choose your builder.

    Your tender will show you exactly what is included and what is NOT, if the price is fixed, or if included, and if applicable show you the allowances or provisional sums for each category to compare.

  • Your Information and who contacts you?


    Your privacy is important, when you log on to the BuildmeUp website you will only be communicating with BuildMeUp until you want to engage one of our network members directly. There are agreements and strict rules in place that there is to be no contact from our network members direct with you, including any companies tendered to, unless you request or initiate it.

    Please refer to our terms & Conditions and Privacy policy on this website.

  • Why Tender?


    It’s all about delivering you transparency and convenience. Today at your fingertips, in the comfort of your own home, you can get "apples for apples" comparisons on just about anything, from flights to car insurance, mortgage rates and everything in between. Why not do the same on your biggest investment - your home?

    With BuildMeUp's Tendering process it's win win for both customer and builder with cost efficiency that benefits everyone. Customers have a free tendering platform to help refine the right builder, Builders have the most economical marketing which creates the opportunity to price for only the work they want to specialise in.

    You only know you are getting a good deal when you have something to compare! Could you get a few extra valuable square meters or much bigger home for the same money? or could your plans be built for thousands less? Commercial buildings and large projects are tendered everyday, why not your home? With comparison on price, specification,company information and testimonials, there's certainty that only a tender can offer.

    For the first time you'll be able to get a clear independent view of what you’re buying on an open platform. Our service creates a competitive environment where build members compete for your business, potentially saving you not small but significant sums of money. Ultimately you will use the clear information provided, from the best suited build professionals, to refine who you engage with before making your final informed decision.

    Please Note - the Tender will show you the comparison pricing and specifications on the Plan as seen, based on standard parameters, variables including ground conditions or location and inclusions can increase or affect your final contract price. Any changes, required design alterations or personalisations can be costed in consultation with your chosen builder.

  • How long will my Tender take?


    There can be many variables when it comes to pricing your new home, depending on the design and who has supplied it the tender can take 2- 7 working days to turn around for a standard design and between 10-20 working days for a more complex build such as Hill or Architectural detailed build.

    We will provide you an approximate timeline on receipt of your tender and update you as required, we will endeavor to return your tender as quickly and efficiently as possible.

    It is well worth waiting to see multiple prices which can save you many thousands possibly tens of thousands over a rushed or promised "best" offering or contract inclusions.

    Please Note - the Tender will show you the comparison pricing and specifications on the Plan as seen, based on standard parameters, variables including ground conditions or location and inclusions can increase or affect your final contract price. Any changes, required design alterations or personalisations can be costed in consultation with your chosen builder.

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