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February 21, 2018

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It's all about Transparency and choice, choose a concept plan from an independant designers with no building ties, or even create a brand new one thats unique to you!  

BuildMeUp is an industry first platform that will tender your plan for free to multiple builders. Compare builders credentials price and specification with the clarity and confidence that only an independent tender can offer.

Having the flexibilty to gather the unbiased information you need, with no sales pressure, is becoming more common in many industries, this is the way of the future and Comparing is the only way to be certain you are getting the most home for your money.

  • More freedom - choose or create the design you want, not what someone wants to sell.
  • More choice - we bring more players into the market, including smaller, more competitive companies.
  • No ties - we’re completely independent, connecting you to the best professionals. You decide who to work with.
  • More certainty - you can compare on price, build specifications and company details, so you can make informed decisions.
  • Maximum value - Multiple builders with more competitive options, giving you the most home for your money.

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