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Get a second opinion before you build

Before building your own home it's highly recommended to have your concept plan and specifications reviewed by an independent.

A new build is a huge investment, and once completed there are things you just can't change. All too often we see rushed standard designs positioned incorrectly on the site, or a custom plan that just doesn't work on the chosen section. Not only does this compromise the home's functionality, but it can severely devalue the land you're building on, potentially costing you tens of thousands of dollars when it’s time to sell.

Our experienced, independent second opinion can protect your biggest investment by providing the following:

Plan Review

A red line with suggestions on positioning the property for the best aspect, sun and outdoor use, including recommendations on placement of windows, doors and key features, plus advice on plan size and layout as required.

Specification & Price Review

An overview of the specifications you have chosen for your build as well as a price check. Our recommendations and suggestions are offered as required.


A Comparative Market Analysis from an industry leading real estate company, proving insight into the home's completed value, plus information that may pre-warn you about a possible over- or under-capitalised build for the location.

Rental Appraisal

A current estimate of the rental return from a leading Property Management company, ideal for property investors.

All of the above information is offered for your consideration, for further clarification please refer to our websites terms & conditions. 

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